Sabbfer With His Hands For The House

Как-то был куплен оригинальный

Contrary to a different view, full audible insulation (as in the sound recording studio) in the normal flat is virtually impossible. The fact is that modern soundproof materials are capable of protecting the room from high frequency, but they will not save the room from loud low sound fluctuations.

In simple language, to isolate a room from a non-grom cryptic classical music (e.g., Vivaldi) enough to contain the walls with sound insulation material, but in order to protect yourself from a neighbour who puts on the floor of the sabvuffer and looks at the full volume of the Hollywood blockbusters, it will be necessary to build another room within a certain size. It's especially good at sound recordings or telescope studios. For example, in the Ostankino, there are many long corridors around the premises that are designed to protect against street noise.

It's tied to the length of the sound wave: the lower the sound, the bigger the wall he's gonna try and the more he can hear. That's why a fan of e- Music, which has a full-blown track in his car, makes him listen to the whole block.

It should be noted that noise at night is prohibited by law, but practice shows that even the challenge to the police does not apply far to all neighbours. In addition, they may be prevented and unconscious: for example, the child ' s crying is well heard through the walls in the panels. However, modern technology reduces noise to acceptable, which means making life more calm and saving nerves.

The world with its neighbours is more expensive.

And yet, before the apartment's soundproofing begins, we need to try to settle with the neighbors. For example, low-frequency fluctuation ( " music bass " ) is heard in the apartment, most often because of the incorrect location of the sound source when it contacts the surface of the walls or floor. It's worse when the columns roll into the ceiling: in that case, the top-up neighbours will always feel the ejection.

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