Sabvuffer Corps With Its Hands

Делаем корпус для сабвуфера своими рукамиIf you want your car to be a luxury, not just a means of movement, you need a great acoustic system. She'll add comfort and shy to your car. But it's unrealistic to get a good sabotage machine. He adds to the low frequency of your audio system. We need a hull for the saboopher. We'll talk about his manufacture. You'll need different materials, like ply plywood.

Before proceeding to the construction of the shell for the shell, the size of the shell shall be determined. It's the diameter of the sabvuffer. It could be 6 to 15 inches. The choice of the sab is not only necessary by its sounding capacity, but also by the dimensions of your car. Because the greater the diameter of the saboophere, the greater the size of its hull. If for a six-inch shell of only 15 litres, the largest dynamism requires a body of ninety litres. And it's not gonna fit in every car.

Start construction of the shell from its design. Of course, it can be done on paper-based old-fashioned paper, and you can use a computer calculation program like WinISD 0, 44. You're putting your hull parameters on this program, and it's making a mock. In addition to the size of the shell, you'll also need to put power data on the program. sabvuffer dynamics and some other data.

Next, you need to choose the type of hull you're making. Several of them. For example, gangpas is the most effective type of hull that will allow your saboteur to give the maximum CPA. But it's a fabrication. So for a newcomer, it's likely that a closed box that's easy to make, or a phaser. But the CPD is much lower than the first.

The sabvuffer itself can be prepared from the CPD. The material thickness is 20 mm. The same material as the vehicle salon can be hit outside the body. It's important not to forget to drill all the openings for the wires so that there's no problem putting the sabvower in the hull.

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