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Comment on installation: In Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150, it was necessary to establish a sabove, using a minimum of space, but reaching a good bass. The sabotage option in the factory hull was reversed as it would absorb a substantial volume of the luggage compartment and a compact volume active saboteur Wouldn't give the desired result. It was decided to prepare the shell in the wing of the luggage compartment. Thus, Land Cruiser Prado has a compactly established NF-compound, happy eye and hearing to its owner. Abvufer Dynamics - 12-inch Lightning Audio L1-S412. The saboveer force was placed under the driver ' s seat.

Additional information: The construction of the stem hull is an opportunity to achieve a quality and a powerful bass without losing a substantial volume of luggage compartment. Virtually always the connection of a sabotage dynamic plus a stalus is more expensive than the connection of a scorpus passive sabower + installation, but this is an opportunity to address once and for all the main problem of any sabvuffer - dimensions. All anatomical shells shall be manufactured individually under a specific vehicle and even for the same vehicle, the shell may be performed differently (depending on the design features of the vehicle, the size of the sabotage dynamic, the wishes of the vehicle owner).

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